Our goals

In order to reduce the influence of the problems such as the growth of world population, climate change, and the diet change on the food production and natural environment, it is required to construct technological foundation of sustainable food production providing for the changes of environment and diet.

We focus on “Soybean” as futuristic food, define “healthy soil” by determining the condition of soil suitable for crop culture, and aim to create the sustainable food supply industry for the activation of agriculture and futuristic diet.

Our goals

By 2050
We will create completely controlled sustainable food production system.
We will develop the “soil business” aimed at producing healthy soil.

By 2030
We will realize the crop production with minimum chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

For achievement,
• we will gather technology and software for “circulating symbiotic agriculture platform” and construct “circulating symbiotic agriculture platform”. By analyzing and controlling the interaction among soil microbes, crop, and environment,
• We will develop cultivation management business utilizing “Agricultural environment engineering system” that digitizes the agricultural environment and simulates the agriculture production in cyberspace.

By 2025
We will discover the interaction among soil microbes, crop, and environment.

To achieve the purpose
• We analyze the interaction between plants and microbes and determine the useful microbes and make database of them (construction of “Soil Microbe Atlas”)
• We make criteria for soil health by the integrated analysis of the big data.
• We develop the microbial resources contributing to the soil health.
• We digitize the current agricultural environment and construct the simulation system of agriculture production in cyberspace