The Moonshot Program for agriculture, forestry and fisheries Construction of circulating production platform by environmental control based on Soil Microbe Atlas

The International Symposium will be held

Date : 2022,10,29 12:00-17:30
Venue : Online conference (by Zoom)
Language: English (Simultaneous Japanese interpretation will be provided.)

The Moonshot Research and Development Program Goal 5

The Moonshot Research and Development Program promotes more ambitious, challenging, and ...

Our goals

In order to reduce the influence of the problems such as the growth of world population, climate change, and ...




The goal of this project is to comprehend the interactions between plant, soil, and the environment. We aim to fundamentally understand and control these interactions, with the aim of radically refining current agricultural practices. To achieve this goal, we have established five research groups: Soil Microbial Atlas, Crops (Soybean), Artificial weather chamber construction, Social Sciences, and Nework analysis and Agriculture management.