01 -1 Microbiome deep interaction analysis

Microbiome deep interaction analysis

Project Manager

Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor

Haruko Takeyama

01 -2 Microbiome deep interaction analysis

Circulating system of minerals in soil

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Institute of Engineering, Professor

Tsuyoshi Tanaka


Crop production group

Kihara Institute of Biological Research, Yokohama City University
Project Professor

Minami Matsui


Environmental control and measurement

RIKEN, Center for Advanced Photonics, Photonics Control Technology Team, Team Leader

Satoshi Wada


Social science group

Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Associate Professor, Waseda University

Satoru Shimokawa


Cultivation management group

RIKEN, BioResource Research Center Plant-Microbe Symbiosis Research and Development Team, PI

Yasunori Ichihashi

Advisory board